Product Features


This unique cast iron body bent axis hydraulic piston pump is the best solution for all high pressure hydraulic applications among the wide range of PTO hyraulic pumps available for truck PTO wet kits. Installation is made more easy with standard BSP threaded ports for both suction and pressure lines. It could be ordered with our combo valve (2 pressure settings for relief) to get the most out of your hydraulic wetline kit connecting your trailer to both dump and live bottom high pressure applications. Using DIN mounting flanges it offers the most durable shaft connection specially when mounted on our standard DIN flange mount body hot shift PTO’s for the Allison and AISIN automatic transmissions.

APPLICATIONS: Combined with any of our wide range of PE series eaton fuller PTO, PIM series Volvo I-Shift/Mack mDrive PTO, PA series hot shift PTO for AISIN and ALLISON automatic transmissions, it can power your PTO hydraulic pumps wet kit or equipment on dump trucks, dump trailer, end dumps, live bottoms, shuttle floor, float, walking floors and combo systems.

Bent axis motor

Bent axis pumps, axial piston pumps and motors using the bent axis principle, fixed or adjustable displacement, exists in two different basic designs. The Thoma-principle (engineer Hans Thoma, Germany, patent 1935) with max 25 degrees angle and the Wahlmark-principle (Gunnar Axel Wahlmark, patent 1960) with spherical-shaped pistons in one piece with the piston rod, piston rings, and maximum 40 degrees between the driveshaft centreline and pistons (Volvo Hydraulics Co.). These have the best efficiency of all pumps. Although in general the largest displacements are approximately one litre per revolution, if necessary a two-liter swept volume pump can be built. Often variable-displacement pumps are used, so that the oil flow can be adjusted carefully. These pumps can in general work with a working pressure of up to 350–420 bars in continuous work.