Product Features


This unique lightweight rear mount (counter shaft) Mack PTO pump offers the best and most cost efficient solution for Volvo I-shift and Mack mDrive automatic transmissions. With its high torque and power ratings along with the a low ground clearance when installed, this PTO is the best fit for Volvo I-Shift and Mack mDrive automatic transmissions.

APPLICATIONS: Combined with any of our wide range of hydraulic pumps, dump pumps, gear pumps or bent axis piston pumps, it can power your hydraulic wetline or equipment on dump trucks, dump trailer, end dumps, live bottoms, shuttle floor, float, walking floors and combo systems.

Standard model numbers: PCTVLPA, PCTVLPB, PCTMCPA, PCTMCPB

Volvo I-Shift Automatic Transmission:

Technically the I-Shift is an unsynchronised manual gearbox, with an electronic control unit, responsible for operating the pneumatic system that handles the clutch and shifts. It constantly receives information about vehicle speed, acceleration, weight, road grade, torque demand and more, and can adjust revs and engine brake effect. The I-Shift uses different software for different type of application.

The I-Shift has no clutch pedal. It is controlled either by a gearstick mounted on the driver’s seat or by buttons on the dashboard, just like a standard automatic gearbox. With the gearstick, the driver can use buttons to manually select gear, although this feature is disabled on some vehicles (where the gearstick has no buttons).

The different versions of the I-Shift are named AT (Automatic Transmission) or ATO, where the O stands for overdrive. The standard versions have a gear ratio of 1:1, while the overdrive has a ratio of 0.78:1, suitable for long distance use. The numbers show maximum torque in Newton metres, plus 12 for the number of gears.[1] The last part of the name is a letter showing its generation, with C for Euro III and IV, D for Euro V and EEV, and E and F for the Euro VI version.

Known versions
  • AT2412C, AT2512C, AT2812C, ATO2512C, ATO3112C[1]
  • AT2412D, AT2612D, AT2812D, ATO2612D, ATO3112D, ATO3512D[2]
  • AT2412E, AT2612E, AT2812E, ATO2612E, ATO3112E, ATO3512E[3]