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Product Features

TRANSFER CASE PTO & SPLIT SHAFT PTO: Our line of products ensures maximum versatility along with custom features and configurations to match any design and requirement. The wide range of splitter box, split shaft pto’s and transfer cases offered covers low duty all the way to extreme heavy duty application both in vertical and horizontal configuration to meet all custom body builders applications.

SPLITTER BOX APPLICATIONS: Hydro-Excavators, Vacuum Trucks, Sewer Cleaners & Municipal Hydro-Vac, Coil Tubing & Nitrogen Pumpers, Medium and Heavy Duty All Wheel Drive Units, Cement Pumpers, Emergency Response Vehicles, Hot Oiler Pumpers, Pressure Pumping Trucks, Flush By and Rod Trucks, Snubbing Units, Mobile Well Servicing Units & Mobile Drilling Rigs.

Split shaft

A splitter box or split shaft PTO is mounted to the truck’s drive shaft to provide power to the PTO. Such a unit is an additional gearbox that separates the vehicle’s drive shaft into two parts:

  • The gearbox-facing shaft which will transmit the power of the engine to the split shaft PTO;
  • The axle-facing shaft which transmit the propelling power to the axle.

The unit itself is designed to independently divert the engine’s power to either the axle-facing shaft or the additional PTO output shaft. This is done by two independent clutches like tooth or dog clutches which can be operated at total driveline standstill, only. Since the main gearbox changes the rotation speed by selection of a gear the PTO cannot be operated during driving. The vehicle needs to be stationary for operation therefore. On 4×4 vehicles only the rear drive shaft is used by the split shaft PTO gearbox requiring the vehicles 4×4 drive scheme to be of the selectable 4WD type to keep the front axle drive shaft completely decoupled during PTO operation. It is also possible to connect something other than a hydraulic pump directly to the PTO for example, fire truck pumps.