Prodrive PTO & Hydraulics is the exclusive authorized distributer/service center of Kozmaksan PTO and ABER Hydraulics in Canada. We provide a wide range of power take off systems and accessories for your hydraulic wet line kits and work truck applications.

PTO (power take off), transfer case, hydraulic pumps, dump  pumps,  gear  pumps,  piston  pumps,   control valves,   consoles,   combo    valves,    hydraulic tanks and accessories for your   hydraulic  wetline  kits  and  work  truck applications.  Build your  hydraulic wetline for dump trucks, roll-offs, service trucks, boom trucks, refuse collector, tow trucks & more.

Low duty to extra heavy duty transfer case PTO for vacuum trucks, hydro-excavators and combination jetters. Special   5  stage  vertical  transfer  case PTO  for  vacuum trucks  to  reach  the  best  driveline  angles  and save valuable space on your truck. Horizantal split shaft PTO units for drill rigs and many more applications.

Speed changers, worm gears, sandwich PTO’s, pump drives, 4X4 transfer case PTO and many more products for your work truck application.


ProDrive PTO & Hydraulics 2020 Brochure