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Power Take-Off – PTO

Power Take-Off (PTO) that can be controlled with pneumatic is a mechanical device which is designed for transmitting power from transmission to hydraulic pump or compressor.
Parameters characterizing PTOs: torque ratio, sense of rotation, mounting side and output type of from PTO to pump.

PTO Selection

Gearbox Type
To correct type of main gearbox must be selected when selecting right PTO to use. For this, there is an aluminium plate contains all important parameters on main gearbox. According to main gearbox details, correct PTO can be selected.
Required parameters:
  • Manufacturer’s name, gearbox brand
  • Main gearbox type,
  • First gear ratio (if available)
Mounting Side

Define the opening to place the PTO.


If more than one opening is available, you must select the smaller overall size (to mount PTO easily). More than one opening can be used at the same time, but the current power generated in the transmission must be evaluated. In case of different PTO applications, please contact the our technical department.

Sense of Rotation

Sense of Rotation is the key factor for the right choice of pumps or other mechanical devices in which rotation direction must operate in single direction. Sense of rotation means the is output on differential side. Sense of rotation, PTO means output from front when is not drive to rear. In the catalogue, there is always specified with a special note.

Warning! The PTO rotation direction is defined when you are looking at the output at the front. As a result, the pump must operate in the opposite direction of the power take-off.

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Gear Position
One of the important details to check that the power take-off is correctly selected. The position of the gear must be compared with the center line of the opening and the motion vector of the vehicle. 
The position is defined from the front when looking at the opening.
Rotation Speed
All speeds shown in the catalog are calculated by taking into account the rated motor speed of 1000rpm. Some transmissions are driven by a number of speed levels selected by the gear shift lever. You can find the current speeds of each PTO in our catalog.
Output Torque
The torque value at the output of the power take-off depends on the structural parameters. During selection, the torque value must be taken into account when comparing the characteristics of the transmission system. Torque values are reported as Nm. The torque value is the maximum available for each output.
Warning! Always ensure that the absorbed torque absorbed in the transmission is less than the maximum permitted by the transmission itself.

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