PTO Meaning, PTO Pump Wet Line Kit Diagram

Prodrive PTO & Hydraulics is the exclusive authorized distributer/service center of Kozmaksan PTO and ABER Hydraulics in Canada. We provide a wide range of power take off systems and accessories for your hydraulic wetline kits and work truck applications.

Power Take Off (PTO) that can be controlled with pneumatic is mechanical device which is designed for transmitting power from transmission to hydraulic pump or compressor.

Hydraulic  PTO wet line kits for 2-line systems, 3-line systems and combo systems where you can run both a dump trailer at 2500 psi or a live floor with a flick of a switch.

Basic definitions of what we are saying on our conversations and catalogues. Dictionary for terminological terms of PTO language.

The Power Take Off (PTO) must be purchased separately and care is required to match the physical interface of the transmission with a compatible PTO.

TRANSFER CASE PTO is used in cases where Transmission PTO’s are not capable of providing the required power for superstructure.

PRODRIVE 4×4 Transfer case is used in cases when a truck has front and rear differential and needs Four-Wheel Drive.

SANDWICH PTO is mounted between engine and transmission and because it takes power from engine diretcly it has many advantages.