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PTO (power take off), transfer case PTO pump, hydraulic pumps, dump  pumps,  gear  pumps,  piston  pumps,   control valves,   consoles,   combo    valves,    hydraulic tanks and accessories for your   PTO  driven hydraulic  wetline  kits  and  work  truck applications. 

Low duty to extra heavy duty transfer case PTO. Special   5  stage  vertical  transfer  case PTO  for  vacuum trucks  to  reach  the  best  driveline  angles  and save valuable space on your truck. Horizantal split shaft PTO units for drill rigs and many more applications.

Speed changers, worm gears, sandwich PTO’s, pump drives, 4X4 transfer case PTO and many more products for your work truck application.


Transfer Case PTO Pump, Truck Wet Line Kits & Aluminum Hydraulic Tanks for Hydraulic Wet Line Systems.

We offer a complete line of PTO truck, PTO wet kit, PTO pump, power take-off, hydraulic PTO for trucks, truck PTO hydraulic pump, hydraulic pto pump, transfer case pto, split shaft PTO, PTO wet line kit for end dump, hydraulic wet line kit for trucks, Mack PTO hydraulic pump, Volvo PTO, AISIN PTO hydraulic pump, Allison PTO hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump PTO pump for dump truck, truck PTO hydraulic pump kit, hydraulic pump pto allison transmission, PTO hydraulic pump gearbox, PTO gearbox for hydraulic pump, PTO hydraulic dump pumps, gear pumps, piston pumps, air shift consoles, hydraulic valves, combo valves, aluminum hydraulic tanks for trucks, hydraulic reservoirs, aluminum saddle mount tanks, aluminum upright tanks, hydraulic equipments and many more products and accessories for vacuum trucks, hydro excavators, combination trucks, dump trucks, end dumps, dump trailers, live bottoms, shuttle floor, float, walking floors and combo systems. Our core advantages are:

  • Partnership with key global manufacturers
  • Technical know-how and expertise which ensures products performance and reliability
  • International and local engineering team that ensures sufficient service levels

ProDrive PTO & Hydraulics is part of the group of companies of PROVITES GEAR SYSTEMS corporation.

Our partners: ABER Hydraulics

Founded in Maia (Oporto – Portugal) in 1972, ABER is an expert in the domain of the hydraulic and is one of the most important manufacturers in the international market. The endless search for technological progress ensures it offers its customers the best solution for the task in hand. Products include hydraulic pumps, gear pumps, control valves, combo valves, tipping valves and many more.

Our partners: KMS Power

Exporting to 72 different countries on 5 continents, Kozmaksan is a leading manufacturer of auxiliary transmissions PTO, Split Shaft PTO, Sandwich PTO, 4×4 Transfercase , Reductor, Pump Drives and associated auxiliary hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for all types of on vehicle equipment and mobile hydraulic truck mounted applications.